”Fushimi” Tourist Guide

Castle Town, Port, and Brewing Center Fushimi

Fushimi, a town that has expanded as the port of Japan's thousand-year-old capital Kyoto, thrived as a place of traditional sake brewing. The brewery-studded streets are a testament to this age-old tradition. Fully experience the beautiful and ever-changing seasonal face of Fushimi, its pure spring water, and the appeal of Japanese sake.

A Long Tradition
of Brewing

Sake is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting rice. Said to have first appeared when rice growing was introduced from mainland China around 300 B.C., sake's unclouded purity has also given it strong religious connotations. Sake became an imperial matter when the capital moved to Kyoto at the end of the 8th century, subsequently transforming Fushimi into a thriving center of brewing. Fushimi is especially suited to brewing with its abundant supply of quality spring water, an essential ingredient. Liquor brewed here has long had the reputation as some of the finest sake produced in Japan.

Old Streetscapes,
Beautiful Seasons

Fushimi's development progressed rapidly in the second half of the 16th century. After unifying war-torn Japan, Hideyoshi Toyotomi built a castle in Fushimi, a geographical doorway to Kyoto, and fashioned it as a port. Brewery numbers increased in proportion to the number of visitors from around the country, seeing the area thrive as one of the nation's most renowned sake producers. The numerous old breweries, recreations of boats that once graced her port, the allure of shrines and temples, and Fushimi's castle town heritage go hand-in-hand beautifully throughout the four seasons.

Discover the
Diverse Appeal of Sake

Along with enjoying the brewery-studded streets, there are also several establishments where you can learn about the history of sake and try some for yourself. There are breweries to be toured, sake to be taste tested, and shops that serve delicious dishes perfectly matched to your drink. In addition to a closely watched cosmetic lotion derived from the fact that Fushimi's sake is also said to have been used by Maikos in Kyoto's Geisha quarter, pleasantly potable "Sake Cider," sake bean jam, and other sake-based treats are ready to delight the taste buds of even those who can't drink alcohol.

Glorious Spring

Take a boat trip around the cherry blossom-canopied port of Fushimi Kyoto, a castle town blessed with abundant spring water and loved by Ryoma Sakamoto, a samurai and one of Japan's best-loved historical figures.

【Spring Events in Fushimi】

March:Fushimi Sake Festival (Fushimi Yume Hyakushu / Momoyama area)
April:Jukkoku Bune & Sanjukkoku Bune cruises commence (Go River / Uji River Haryu)
Cherry Blossom Festival (Go River / Uji River Haryu)
Fushimi Spring Water Stamp Rally(Fushimi Momoyama area)
Tea Ceremony (Gokonomiya Shrine)
May:Kinsatsugu Festival (Kinsatsugu Shrine)

Tourism Spot

Jukkoku Bune,Sanjukkoku Bune:Fully Enjoy Kyoto's Spring along Beautiful Waterfronts

Sightseeing boats that provide a present day glimpse of Fushimi's historical roots as a port town. The sake-brewing region of Fushimi also developed as a port of call for boats traveling along Yodo River in the Edo period. Enjoy cherry blossoms in full bloom, breweries, and willow trees as the breeze gently caresses you.

■ Minamihama-cho 247, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto ■ 075-623-1030 (Fushimi Yume Kobo Jukkoku Bune)
■ April to November (Jukkoku Bune) Saturday, Sunday and holidays on April to the beginning of May, October to November (Sanjukoku Bune)
■ Mondays (except for holidays, April, May, October and November)(Jukkoku Bune)From Monday to Friday (except for holidays)(Sanjukkoku Bune)
■ Adults 1200 yen Elementary School Students and under 600 yen ■ http://www.kyoto-fushimi.com/guide/meisyo/jyukkoku.html
*see back side.

Fushimi's 7 Springs:
Explore Fushimi,
a Treasure Chest of Fine Spring Water

Fushimi is blessed with an abundance of high-quality spring water as represented by Gokosui (selected as one of the finest 100 springs in Japan), Shiragikusui, Fushimizu, Sakamizu, Akasui, Kinun Shimizu, and Tokiwainomizu. The town is also well known for delicious sake made from this fine spring water.

●Gokousui/Gokonomiya Shine ●Shiragikusui/Torisei-Honten ●Fushimizu/Kizakura Kappa Country ●Sakamizu/Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum ●Asasui/Choken-jiTemple ●Kinin Shimizu/Daikoku-ji Temple ●Tokiwainomizu/Kinshi Masamune

Escape Summer Heat

Black wainscot set against white walls. Enjoy softly lit breweries as you cool down on a leisurely evening walk.

*see back side.

Illumination of
Sake Brewery Street:
A Magical Streetscape of Light

Fushimi is famous throughout Japan for its fine sake. Around 200 hanging lanterns illuminate the Brewery dominated streetscape to create a magical evening of light. Visit the sake brewery street and experience the atmosphere for yourself.

■ 075-623-1360 (Fushimi Yume Kobo)
■ from the end of Jul. to the end of Aug.
■ Fushimi Momoyama area

【Summer Events in Fushimi】

June:Hydrangea flowering along Hori River & Uji River Haryu
July:Night Markets at Fushimi's 7 Shopping Streets(Fushimi's 7 Shopping Streets)
Illumination of Fushimi's Breweries (Fushimi Minamihama area)
Benten Festival (Choken Temple)
Ring of Cogon Grass Ceremony (Gokonomiya Shrine)
August:Fushimi Lantern Floating (Hori River / Uji River Haryu)

Tourism Spot

Fushimi Lantern Floating
:A Solemn and Beautiful Summer Sight

Fushimi is famous for events related to the fall of the Edo shogunate. Fushimi Lantern Floating is held as a memorial to the battle of Toba-Fushimi and to wish for the safety of one's family. The colorful lights of the floating prayers are a mystical sight to behold. The lanterns represent a feeling of gratitude for our ancestors.

■ 075-623-1360 (Fushimi Yume Kobo)
■ the beginning of Aug. 18:00~
■ Teradayahama ■ http://www.kyoto-fushimi.com/guide/meisyo/jyukkoku.html


Fushimi Souvenirs

This souvenir shop, established next door to famous chicken restaurant Torisei's original store, features a selection of sacred sake and other souvenirs specific to Fushimi. We recommend you try sake soft cream, a popular local sweet priced from 300Yen that is sure to tantalize any adult's taste buds with its rich sake flavor.

Shinsei Tourist
Information Center
■ Kamiaburakake-cho 186,
  Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
■ 075-622-3110
■ 11:30-20:00 ■ Mondays

Savor Healthy Yuba & Tofu at a Local Brewery

Taking full advantage of the brewery's dignified atmosphere, the restaurant serves traditional kaiseki dishes. Savor a variety of healthy seasonal delights that includes yuba and tofu.

UMENOHANA Kyoto-Fushimi
■ Shin-machi 6-990, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
■ 075-605-9880
■ 11:00-16:00 (Last Order 15:00)
 17:00-22:00 (Last Order 21:00)
■ New Year's holiday

Fruitful Autumn

Breweries come to life with the arrival of this year's brewer's rice harvest.

【Autumn Events in Fushimi】

September:Jin Noh Performance (Gokonomiya Shrine)
October:Fushimi Festival (Gokonomiya Shinko Festival) (Gokonomiya Shrine)
Hanagasa Parade (Ote-suji Shopping Street)
Youngster's Sumo Tournament (Gokonomiya Shrine)
Pine Torch Festival (Misu Shrine)
November:Ryoma Festival (Ryomadori Shopping Street)Fire Festival (Gokonomiya Shrine)

Tourism Spot

Gokonomiya Shinko Festival
:Enshrinement of Senhime Portable Shrine
(Contributed by Tokugawa Family in 1597)

The "Shinko Festival" is representative of Fushimi in autumn. The climax of the proceedings involves a parade of 3 portable shrines. Led by a dancing dragon donated by the former Fushimi magistrate's office, spectators can enjoy this age-old procession featuring the Shinto god Sarutahiko (patron of the martial arts), portable shrines, and the chief priest on horseback.

■ Gokogumonzen-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
■ 075-611-0559 ■ the beginning of Oct.

Misu Shrine Pine Torch Festival
:Flames Reach out to the Heavens

During the Pine Torch Festival participants parade around Misu Shrine with a huge 1.2 meter-wide pine torch. The festival is a reenactment of "the lighting of darkness upon a visit from Emperor Tenmu on his way to Omi Capital." The spectacle of Takeda road enveloped in massive flames is a must see.

■ Yokoojishimomisujonomae-cho 82, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
■ the beginning of Oct.

Enjoy Freshly Brewed Sake to
Your Heart's Content

Fujioka Shuzo is the producer of "Soku," a pure rice sake sought after at bars and pubs right across the Kansai region. Visitors can view sake making and savor freshly brewed sake inside the brewery. Enjoy your sake together with an extensive range of cured fish, sake cake ice cream and other delights.

■ Imamachi 672-1, Fuishimi-ku, Kyoto ■ 075-611-4666 ■ 11:30-18:30
■ Wednesdays (open on holidays) ■ http://www.sookuu.net/

Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum
:Discover the History of Sake and Sake Brewing

The museum is a renovated brewery built in 1909. Inside, you'll find around 400 sake brewing tools designated as tangible folk culture properties. You can also enjoy the popular blind taste testing service after your tour.

■ Minamihama-cho 247, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto ■ 075-623-2056
■ 9:30-16:30 ■ Obon Holidays, New Year's holiday
■ Adults 400 yen Junior/Senior High School Students: 100 yen

Deep, Deep Winter

Breweries, rich with the scent of new sake and decorated by a flurry of snowfall, slowly turn white.

【Winter Events in Fushimi】

December:Fushimi Sake Cooperative's Brewery Opening (Fushimi Sake Cooperative)
January:Fushimi Five Deity Pilgrimage
 (Choken Temple, Daikoku Temple, Fujinomori Shrine, Gokonomiya Shrine, Nogi Shrine)
February:Bean-Throwing Festival (temples throughout Fushimi)

Tourism Spot

Fushimi Yume Hyakushu
:Fushimi's Finest Sake Comes Together

This cafe takes full advantage of Gekkeikan Sake's former head office built in 1919. Enjoy around 100 different flavors of sake from Fushimi's 17 refined sake breweries while experiencing the early 20th century atmosphere. Sake sponge cake, sake bean-jam buns, and other Fushimi souvenirs are on sale.

■ Minamihama-cho 247, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto ■ 075-623-1360
■ 11:00-17:00 (on weekdays) 10:30-18:00 (on Sat. , Sun. and holidays)
■ Mondays (open on holidays) ■ http://www.kyoto-fushimi.com/topics/topics5.html


Savor Local Sake and
Chicken Dishes served at a Brewery

Specializing in chicken dishes, the restaurant is a remodeled brewery built by Yamamoto Honke, a brewing company established in 1677. Guests can enjoy delicious chicken dishes and tap sake straight from the tank, all served in an authentic brewery atmosphere.

■ Kamiaburakake-cho186, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
■ 075-622-5533
■ 11:30-23:00 (Last Order 22:30) 11:00-23:00
 (holidays, Last Order 22:30)
■ Mondays (open on Dec. and holidays)

Savor First-class
Hand-made Tofu served at a Brewery

Enjoy a perfect combination of alcohol and food in this spacious brewery. First-class hand-made zarudofu for ¥530, and scooped yuba sashimi for ¥590 are just two examples of the extensive range of Kyoto-style Japanese cuisine on offer.

■ Kamiaburakake-cho185-1,
 Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
■ 075-623-4630
■ 11:00-23:00 (Last Order 22:30)
■ Dec.31, and Jan.1

Have a Great TimeDrinking Local Beer at a Brewery

This restaurant is situated inside a brewery run by Kizakura, a well-known sake brewer. Visitors can savor their famous sake, or can try fresh beer at Kyoto's first local beer brewery. A sake museum is also open to visitors.

■ Shioyamachi 228, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
■ 075-611-9921
■ 11:30-14:00, 17:00-22:00
 (on weekdays)
 (on Sat. and holidays drink service
 only during 14:00-15:00)
 open seven days a week

Access to Fushimi

by train

37 min. from Yodoyabashi Station (Osaka) to Chushojima Station by Limited Exp.
14 min. from Sanjyo Station (Kyoto) to Chushojima Station by Limited Exp.
Kintetsu Kyoto Line:
10 min. from Kyoto Station to Momoyama-Goryo by Express.
30 min. from Yamato-Saidaiji Station (Nara) to Momoyama-Goryo Station by Limited Exp.
JR Nara Line:
11 min. from Kyoto Station to Momoyama Station.

by car

Meishin Expressway:
3.5 km from Kyoto South Interchange Exit.
Daini-Keihan Rd:
3 km from Oguraike Interchange Exit.
Hanshin Expressway 8 Kyoto Route:
1 km from Fushimi Exit.
Only 10 min. from Kyoto Station!